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From the past couple of years, the health tech is gaining momentum in Asian Countries. And the credit goes to the growing number of health tech startups that are offering some amazing range of options. According to a report by advisory firm Galen Growth Asia, Asia HealthTech closed the year at the US $6.3 Billion, confirmed as the second largest digital health ecosystem in the world. Some of the prominent personalities have recognized the continent with the vast location of skilled professionals and partners and government support. Thus Asia has transformed into a viable medical tourism destination that brings the best treatment of some highly complicated surgeries like Knee replacement.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery is the traditional yet most effective method of repairing a damaged knee that acquires the largest share in the knee implants market. Knee replacement surgery in Asia has a high success rate primarily due to the state-of-the-art operation theatre & recuperation care, the right choice of implant and expertise & experience on the part of the surgeon. Some of the countries include:

South Korea
Investments in the field of healthcare, as well as particular attention to international patients, have turned South Korea to be one of the promising medical tourism hubs. The country which has received immense recognition as aesthetic tourism has also received a considerable position in Orthopedic treatment, particularly in Knee Replacement. The country houses nationally recognized hospitals and highly experienced and qualified doctors that offer the highest caliber of care.

Cost of Total Knee Replacement in South Korea: 14000-16000 US$

Thailand offers world-class medical Services with the shortest waiting list, certified doctors and unparalleled Thai hospitality available at the most affordable price. Some of the internationally accredited hospitals and staff make the destination a preferred choice for international patients seeking world-class medical services. The country offers a fantastic holiday destination that has catered to the medical tourists ever since the 1990s. Gradually, it has established itself as the world leader in delivering quality facilities and standard of care.

Cost of Total Knee Replacement in Thailand: Approximately US $9000

Medical Tourism in India has improved by leaps and bounds. Some of the health care treatments like Orthopedics, Oncology, Cardiology, Organ Transplant, and IVF are done in the most modern way by the highly acclaimed medical professionals. India’s multidimensional and low-cost healthcare benefits capture the attention of International patients especially from Iran, Bangladesh, Iraq, and South Africa. There are a number of Medical Tourism Facilitators and Agents in India that offer complete assistance from the medical and travel professionals. Moreover, the country has the highest percentage of English language speakers which make it easy for the crowd from Non-Native English Speaking countries.

Cost of Total Knee Replacement in India: Approximately US $6,200

Malaysia is a land rich with culture, nature, and modernity that offers the best Medical Treatment Service with Experienced Doctors, cultural diversity and world-class facilities which bring value for one’s money. The country is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual which makes it one of the favorable destinations for non-native English speakers. Moreover, the exchange rate of the US Dollar to the Malaysian Ringgit (RM) is favorable that bring incredible value to the medical tourists.

Cost of Total Knee Replacement in Malaysia: $US 4000 to $US 7000

Vietnam’s world-class medical care and relatively low cost have led medical tourists from across the globe to travel to this beautiful country. Every year thousands of tourists throng to this beautiful Asian Country in search of best medical treatment, particularly knee replacement in order to fix their ailment surrounded by the beauty of nature. One can combine their medical treatment along with an unforgettable vacation in Vietnam that brings worth every penny.

Cost of Total Knee Replacement in Vietnam: $US 7750 to $US 9250.

Consult any Medical Tourism Facilitators and Agents of that country to get the knowledge of world-renowned medical Organisations recognized by Joint Commission International (JCI). These companies provide complete assistance in accommodation for the patients and family members. Countries like India covers a wide range of therapeutic treatments that treat patients with humane feel. Syzygy is one of the Best Medical Tourism Company in India that acts as a one-stop solution for all medical requirements that can easily match one’s budget and expectations.