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5 Reasons making India a smarter choice for Medical Tourism


Medical Fees can cost a fortune these days. Beyond major surgeries like total knee replacement and heart surgery, even dental surgery and cosmetic procedure make one to pay through the nose. With the growing need for fun and fitness, there are countries that offer Cost-efficient Treatment, Apex Quality Treatment & Care and Excluded Treatment combined with leisure activities that make a complete tourism material for the patients across the country.

India is one of the countries that has gradually emerged as a great destination for medical tourism recognized for the accessible, affordable and quality medical service. The healthcare in India offers specialties in various medical disciplines and conducts some of the most complicated treatment that makes the visit worth the money. Treatments like Total Knee Replacement, Heart Surgery, Cosmetic surgery, and dental care have managed to attract visitors from Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, and South Africa. Today, medical care in India is on par with best in the world where innovation and international expertise play the dominant role.

1. Best Medical Treatment

Despite having to travel abroad for treatment, the total cost paid for the accommodation and treatment actually come below than being paid at the home country. This is why medical tourism is booming. India which has gained recognition for its medical infrastructure and technology are accepted to be on a par with the UK and US which has enabled the country to secure a considerable place in the list of Medical Tourism. The efficient service and pocket-friendly hospital expenses make it an attractive choice for overseas patients. Moreover, India has no Queues, unlike other Western Countries.

2. Value for Money

Medical Treatment in India means a qualitative treatment at an affordable price. Unlike other industrialized countries where the cost of Medical care is quite high, a treatment in India often costs a fraction of the price. Since the cost of Medical Procedure in India is so low, visitors can easily combine with a beautiful trip. Most of the time, visitors start their trip by visiting popular destinations followed by treatment and rehabilitation.

3. Multiculturalism with Great Hospitality

India is one of the countries where linguistic diversity plays the most important role. Hindi is the mother tongue of almost half of the population which is recognized by the government. English is used extensively in business and administration and has received the status of a subsidiary official language. As far as hospitality is concerned, then it is one of the major factors that has always driven Medical Tourism in India. So language is not a barrier during the treatment as well as recovery. As a result, patients feel acquainted even sitting in a distant land.

4. Other health Restorative Treatment

Since ages, India has been world-renowned for its picturesque landscape, rich heritage, vibrant culture, and natural therapeutic practices. Some of the practices like Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga which offer holistic wellness through the elimination of toxic imbalances have always received a considerable weight. Ayurveda and Yoga which have increasingly become globally accepted can be gauged by the fact that Ayurveda has been recognized as an alternative form of medicine by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Hence the post-treatment Recovery is the most sought-after.

5. Ethical Government Policy

The growth of Indian Medical Tourism can be accredited to both the Government and private players. The Government is taking initiatives to strengthen the cause by simplifying the process along with drafting policies in order to ensure complete transparency as well as patients’ safety. Some of the policies like the introduction of e-Medical VISA has enabled longer stay as per the medical condition. Moreover, the government is mandating accreditation of Wellness centers. The recent launch of Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a centrally sponsored scheme launched in 2018 with the ultimate motive to address healthcare holistically.

The verdict

The key factor driving medical tourism is primarily the availability of national and global accredited facilities. The country has massive government support which gives assurance of safety, quality, standards, and regulations within the country. Hence the cost benefits along with the availability of localized resources ensure the strengthening of India’s position in the progression of a new trajectory i.e. medical tourism.