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Syzygy Medi Logistics Pvt Ltd

Medical Professionals You Can Trust

Meaning of SYZYGY

In astronomy, SYZYGY is an ancient Greek word which is used to describe the alignment of the SUN, MOON & EARTH in a straight line, mostly resulting in a Full Moon. Likewise, we at SYZYGY MEDI LOGISTICS, put in our utmost efforts to provide the best medical logistics support & align the PATIENT, DOCTOR & MEDICAL SERVICES, so as to bring a Full Smile of Satisfaction on the Patient’s face.

  • Number of Inquiries In 2016 45%
  • Number of Inquiries In 2017 61%
  • Consultation Last Year 55%
  • Consultation This Year 74%
  • Number of Surgeries Last Year 49%
  • Number of Surgeries This Year 59%

How We Proceed


Deciding on coming across to an unknown country can be a decision loaded with tonnes of anxiety. Where to start from, what to do, how to make the best decision, which hospital to zero down to, what budget to decide upon, what tests to be done, where to get them done, how to get the best prices for them, what if you get misled or fleeced by undesirous elements, which will be the best & safe place to stay for the tenure of your visit, how to be sure of the treatment decisions are right. Such similar & many more queries & anxieties will obviously bother you consistently.

The moment you land in India, a SYZYGY executive will receive you at the airport & will assist you from start until the end of your proposed treatment. You will be handed over your basic kit to apprise you with your entitlements. You will be connected with us via a mobile APP so that you do not feel disconnected at any time & can reach out for any assistance as & when you need it.

India has been a highly preferred destination for Medical treatment & tourist fascination point. The high competency of treating doctors & the world-class medical facilities are comparable with the best that any country has to offer in the world. However it is important that to avail these in the best way, you connect with the right doctors without any element of doubt in your mind. Depending on your budget & expectations, SYZYGY will ensure the best treatment & leisure options for you to ensure your smile & satisfaction.

SYZYGY is a part of the XYATA group, which has a time-tested the presence of over a Decade in high-quality health care, as a leading super specialty company in India, with its parent registration in Hong Kong.

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