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What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery, as the name suggests, is a medical procedure for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes. The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to enhance beauty and appearance through surgical procedures. It’s a highly specialized medical discipline performed  by a Certified surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery can be performed on any part of the body. The popular ones being face, stomach, chest, breasts, thighs, etc.

We all know most of what I wrote above. (even if you don’t – Nod in affirmation. We still do not have facial recognition to detect the authenticity of your reactions).

And I am not going to bore you with “the technicalities” of how cosmetic surgery is done.

I am not a doctor. As a matter of fact, i am a faint hearted person who faints at the flight display of blood 😊.

For a person like me, the first thought which came to my mind (before I wrote the article and learned the finer details of cosmetic surgery) were – “Celebrities” “fat tummy” “lips”.

Blame the prejudices and trash fed to us by the idiot box for years.

It is a clear cut cost of the best of things in world getting associated with wrong examples.

Today, having read a lot of articles on cosmetic surgery and having communicated with experts from the industry, I can tell you with confidence “Cosmetic Surgery is safe and has helped millions live a better life”.

No doubt, Cosmetic Surgery is one of the fastest growing healthcare industry in world”.

Growing Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery:

cosmetic surgery growth

Cosmetic Surgery is no more a procedure which is restricted to celebrities and fashion divas who want to look ageless because of the demand of their profession. It is a procedure which is adopted by people from all aspects of life to look good, feel good and get that extra ounce of confidence.

While the statistics are still coming in for year 2017, we have the data from 2016 to prove that 17.1 million cosmetic procedures were conducted in year 2016 in USA itself.

As per statistics for surgical treatments, the top 5 cosmetic surgeries in terms of popularity are Breast Augmentation followed by Liposuction.

Next in line is nose job surgery followed by eyelid surgery (aka Blepharoplasty).

The last and the fifth name in the list is facelift surgery.

Botox was the top most Non-Surgical treatment in year 2016.

Overall, there has been an increase of 39% in terms of cosmetic surgeries conducted in USA.


And USA is closely followed by countries like China, Brazil and India.

Cosmetic Surgery in india :

cosmetic surgery in india

India, as we all know is slowly turning into one of the preferred medical tourism destinations in the world.

India is slowly turning into a top medical tourism destinations in world . A destination which is famous for best of healthcare industry brains and affordable services.

What else would a patient want? No wonder, there is a huge influx of medical tourists to India and so many medical tourism companies have opened in last few years.

The majority of patients who visited India in 2017 for cosmetic surgery were from first world countries such as USA, Australia, Canada and UK.

Since cosmetic surgeries are usually not covered under health insurance policies in first world countries, India provides cost effective cosmetic surgery treatments. In India, it costs as less as 25% of original cost of what it would cost a person to get a cosmetic surgery in their country.

By the way, did you know cosmetic surgery is different than plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery:

Laser Skin Treatment

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure done to restore form and function of a deceased body part. It not only covers the appearance and beautification of a person, but also reconstruction of compromised body part.

Plastic Surgery can mainly be divided into Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery. Even though cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery, in most cases it is elective, whereas reconstructive plastic surgery is mostly medically prescribed.

Different type of Cosmetic Procedures:

cosmetic surgery treatment

In laymen language, there are types of surgical cosmetic procedures performed based on the requirements you have. (note : surgical procedures are the ones where you have to go under the knife).

The first one – “Reconstructive surgery”, is done to correct a defect/issue on any of your body part.

When you think of a treatment through Reconstruction surgery, you think of a body part of a patient which is abnormal and needs correction.

It could be a scar, a part of flesh which has grown abnormally, etc.

The second procedure is a surgery procedure which is done to make you look beautiful (pretty – for girls).

The procedure is called as Elective Cosmetic Surgery.

Think of removing fat from belly, fixing lips or breast augmentation and you know we are talking about Elective Cosmetic Surgery.

Non Surgical:

cosmetic surgery in india

Not all cosmetics procedures require you to go under the knife. (You can breathe easy now. At least, I can)

My phobia of going under the knife has led to two delayed operations which could only happen after the doctor put his foot down saying, “Surgery or suffer from your illness for eternity”.

It took a lot of convincing and ultimatums to make me go under the knife.

Anyways, I am not here to tell my sob story. I am here to help you understand cosmetic surgery.

So, there are procedures in Cosmetic surgery, where you don’t have to go under the knife and you become a better version of yourself (physical) without going through the pain.

The list includes procedures like:
  • Wrinkle removal using Botox : Botox to help you get rid of wrinkles and turn ageless (just kidding! No one could turn ageless. The procedure just helps you elongate your youth). It is referred to as Botulinum Toxin injection (don’t drop a sweat reading Botulinum. I still cannot pronounce it correctly 😉)
  • Hair Removal using Laser: You can just get rid of that extra bunch of hair popping out of your arm pits or that moustache which keeps coming back (after numerous rounds of threading). Sometimes, I think life is so unfair to the fairer gender. While the guys flaunt their bushy moustaches, we go through the pain and misery to get rid of that extra hair above our  lip. Anyways, the blog is not about gender equality (blame my feminist self to turn simple issues into a fight in between the two sexes).

So, the next time you want to get rid of those extra hair, you can go for hair removal using laser.

  • Making your lips Pretty: I don’t know a better non-medical term to describe this procedure, but it is incidentally, the “in thing”. The next time you want your lips to look pumped-up (don’t read this in logical sense), you have a procedure called as liposuction to give you those lips of Angelina Julie. (Oh God! If only I could have those lips. Well you can – using Liposuction)

And many more…

No wonder, it is a multi-billion-dollar industry across the globe.

Benefit of Cosmetic Surgery:

Syzygy India

I will start with Looks.

Gone are the days, when looks were all about only “looking good”. Today, looks have become a synonym for better career opportunities and a better health.

I know of so many friends who spend a fortune on themselves (including of men) to look good.

According to them, it gives them confidence to carry themselves better and present themselves in a confident way.

A large nose, a scar or an unwanted wrinkle on face are not the reasons for anyone to lose confidence.

When I say “you can lose confidence by the above, I mean it” and I am confident most of you agree with me that looking good makes you happy and confident.

You can either liver in denial or use a cosmetic surgery to help improve your body.

What about the extra flab around your tummy?

Let me ask you a simple question “How many of you visit gym on regular basis?”

Come on! You don’t have to look at your waistline to answer this question.

I go to gym 5 times a week and trust my words; the so called regular gym visitors amount to only 5 to 10% of the total number of gym visitors I see in gym.

And losing weight is easier said than done. There is no way you are going to be a regular sized version of yourself without a miracle.

Today, we work 40 hours a week and have busy schedules keeping us busy around the clock.

(note : What I am going to write now is no way an alternative to not going to gym or not eat healthy)

All I am saying is, if there is a technology available in market which can help you shed those extra kilos with a simple procedure. What is the harm in using it?

I have family members who have decided to go under the knife (tummy tuck surgery) to shed weight. They look smart and carry themselves better now.

And they decided to go under the knife to lose weight after spending years, trying to shed weight by using the conventional methods of losing weight like gym, yoga, jogging, etc.

Either, they could not follow the strict regime, or they could not overcome their love for food.

Result – they were overweight for year until they decided to go for a cosmetic surgery.

And today, when they are fit. They can follow a simple exercise regime to keep themselves in shape.

For them getting back to shape was a big task but now when they are in shape, they don’t mind spending few hours maintaining their current weight.

Only cosmetic surgery could make this possible for them

What I wrote above was just one of the examples. There are women who have had breast augmentation surgery done to look better. There are celebrities who regularly get Botox job done to look young.

Moving to cosmetic surgeries performed to help you get rid of some deformity in nose or some skin related disease.

The health benefits of cosmetic surgery are as prominent as the cosmetic benefits of Cosmetic Surgery.

It is not always about just looking Good.

In short, few benefits of cosmetic surgery are:

  • It helps you with self confidence
  • It can help you be healthy
  • It helps you look good
  • It opens a door of opportunities for you

And you stand out after getting rid of that extra flab, at nose, a noticeable scar on face/arm.

Is India the best place to get a Cosmetic Surgery :

Moving to the next topic, Why India as a destination for Cosmetic surgery? 

I did write a brief about why India has become a preferred cosmetic surgery destination in last few years. Let me elaborate on what i wrote earlier a bit more.

Cosmetic Surgery has come up very well in India over the last decade or so. More and more specialists are performing specialized surgeries in this field to correct dysfunctionality and to enhance overall appearance.

Which is why, even foreigners are choosing to come to India for plastic surgery, especially cosmetic surgery. Here are some of the benefits of getting cosmetic surgery in India-

    • Monitory Benefits– The first and the foremost benefit of getting cosmetic surgery done in India compared to US, UK, Canada, Australia or any other Western country, is Savings. The cost of cosmetic surgery is about 60% to 90% cheaper here, therefore you end up saving a substantial amount of money by traveling to India for cosmetic surgery.
    • Best Surgeons in the world– The fact that cosmetic surgery is about enhancement requires expert level finesse. And doctors in India are known for their skill and expertise, delivering natural looking results. These specialized surgeons have medical degrees from best colleges across the world.
    • Advanced surgical techniques– Over the last couple of years, India has come up with most advanced technologies in the field of medicine and surgery. With world class facility offering state of the art technology, safer anaesthesia and shorter recovery period, India is among the most favoured countries for medical tourism.
    • Best plastic surgery hospitals– The hospitals and medical facilities in India are at par with any developed country across the world. They offer world class facilities at affordable prices, making it a value for money deal for both foreigners and natives.
    • Ease of communication– English is the second official language spoken in India, as it has the largest English speaking population in the world. The doctors, nurses, support staff, everyone is well versed with the language.
    • Incredible India– India is home to multiple cultures, languages, religions. It is considered an exotic country, called as god’s own country. Popularly labelled as one of the most mystical countries in the world, marked as a must-see destination by all known travel magazines and portals.

    One thing I want to write before I end this blog is “Cosmetic Surgery has helped millions improve their lives by giving them the confidence and enhance their personality. I was someone who never took it seriously, but it was all before I did my research on the topic

If you have a problem which can easily be solved by Cosmetic surgery, there is no harm in getting it done and what better way than getting it done in a country which is known for the best of healthcare facility available at an affordable cost”.