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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess fat deposits from the body in order to improve a patient’s body shape.

Apart from refining a patient’s shape, the Liposuction procedure is very effective when it comes to fat removal. Also, liposuction is normally used by surgeons to improve the results of other procedures associated with refining body contour.

Why Patients from all across the world are coming to India & what is liposuction Treatment cost in India?

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India, a leading player in medical travel market has become a hub for liposuction treatments in the world.

Also, India has been the healthcare hub for all international patients. It offers the most competitive medical treatments in the world. India has many private hospitals as well as public hospital all across the country with highly qualified doctors, best equipment’s and technology to treat the patients. Every year millions of patients visit India for treatments like Cosmetic Surgery, Dental care, Heart Surgery, Cancer, knee replacement, Eye surgeries etc.

Among these, the demand for liposuction surgery is unmatchable. Out of all medical treatments in India, Liposuctions is one of the most well developed cosmetic surgery in India.

Here is a chart with liposuction cost in India (note : the charges may vary based on the amount of fat and complexity involved in the operation).

Liposuction Treatment Cost in USD
Liposuction (Abdomen) 2000
Liposuction (Neck) 700
Liposuction (Arm) 800
Liposuction (Chin) 4300
Liposuction (Buttocks) 1200
Liposuction (Thigh) 1700

If you compare the cost, the cost of liposuction surgery in India is much lower compared to other developed countries. Patients from other countries visit India because of the cost factor as its reasonable and competitive.

Even if we look at the travel expenses, it is much cheaper than any other developed countries. Hence this small-small thing that makes India the first choice for liposuction surgery for every patient.

How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Surgeon for Liposuction?

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There are many doctors that offer liposuction services like you can check the liposuction cost in India below but it is important to be very careful when selecting a cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure on you.

An ideal surgeon should be able to meet you desired results and at the same time perform the procedure safely.

Therefore, vetting of potential doctors is very important if you want desirable results. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a liposuction surgeon include;

  • Aesthetic style
  • Board Certification in Cosmetic Surgery
  • Skills and Experience
Is Liposuction right for you?

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In order to achieve a wide range of goals, most men and women around the world undergo the procedure. However, it is important to point out that liposuction is not for everyone.

Some people go for the procedure in order to fit in their clothing, treat certain conditions, or just to look more attractive. A condition such as gyneosmatia that normally affect men can be successfully treated by liposuction.

A mentioned earlier, liposuction can also come in handy when it comes to enhancing the results of other types of surgeries. The following categories of people are the recommended candidates for liposuction:

  • Individuals whose bodies cannot respond to exercise and diet when it comes to removal of excess fat deposits from their chest, neck, thighs, belly, or hips
  • Individuals that feel that their body figure is not proportional and lacks the required balance due to excess fat in some areas
  • Individuals with no sagging skin and have good skin elasticity
  • Individuals that are satisfied with their overall weight before the procedure
  • Individuals with localized fat deposits and a good skin tone

Although liposuction can be very effective in helping you get that desired shape, it is advisable for patients to be realistic when it comes to expectations. Patients are more likely to experience limited success if their main goal for liposuction is to lose a significant amount of weight or address the problem of sagging or loose skin.

What are the Different types of liposuction?

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Surgeons use a wide range of liposuction techniques depending on the specific needs of each patient. The technology used for fat removal is what brings out the difference in the different types of liposuction.

Moreover, the nature of the liposuction procedure being performed determines the type of liposuction technique that is used by a cosmetic surgeon.

However each cosmetic surgeon has his or her favorite technique when it comes to liposuction. Apart from the liposuction technique, the skill and experience of a cosmetic surgeon are very critical when it comes to achieving quality liposuction results.

The following are the four major types of liposuction techniques:

Suction Assisted Liposuction: In this technique, fat removal is done using a vacuum like device. The technique is similar to Power Assisted Liposuction where the cannula motion is enhanced by a tool when removing excess fat from the patient’s body.

Laser Assisted Liposuction: This technique is also referred to as Slimlipo or SmartLipo as the official brand names. In this case, fat cells in the identified locations are dislodged using laser energy.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction:In this technique,the fatty tissue is broken up using ultra-sound energy. The technique helps to loosen the fatty tissue from the patient’s body making it easy for cosmetic surgeons to get rid of large amounts of fat.

It is much easy for a surgeon to perform a faster surgery to remove large amounts of fat when the fatty tissues are already loose. VASER Liposelection brings out the variation in this technique.

Tumescent Liposuction:In this case, an anesthetic known as “tumescent” solution is normally used by cosmetic surgeons when performing the liposuction procedure.

The solution is very effective when it comes to minimizing discomfort and bleeding at the treatment area when the procedure is being performed. Local anesthesia can also be used when performing tumescent liposuction but this depends on the patient.

How does the Liposuction Procedure Work?

The fact that this is an outpatient procedure means that it can be performed safely using local anesthesia and intravenous sedation but again depends on the nature of the procedure.

Each patient has unique needs and it is up to the surgeon to recommend the most appropriate anesthesia method for each patient. Liposuction is a simple procedure but should be done with a lot of care to achieve the desired results.

To begin with, small incisions are made near the area being treated. The cosmetic surgeon can make one or more incisions depending on the nature of the patient.

The next step involves loosening excess fat under the skin by inserting a thin tube or cannula through the incisions.

Finally, a suction technique is used to remove the fat from the identified area.  The procedure can take a maximum of three hours but this depends on the number of areas being treated.

Life after Liposuction:

A patient can recover quickly after this procedure when it is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon using the most appropriate techniques.

The current liposuction techniques are very advanced in order to improve outcomes. Most of the techniques are designed to minimize discomfort, trauma, swelling, and bleeding during and after the surgical operation.

The extent of the procedures determines how long a patient can take before returning to their normal duties or work.

For a minor liposuction procedure, a patient only needs a few days to go back to their normal duties. However, it takes up to one year for the scars to completely.

In conclusion, there is a need for proper care for liposuction results to last permanently.

The fact that all the fat cells are completely removed from the treatment area means that the chances of going back to you original condition are very minimal.