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Medical Tourism industry in India has come a long way as a result of the legacy of innovation and excellence available in a number of medical Services. But there are a number of super and Multispeciality Hospitals in India that are at the forefront in offering the latest headway specifically in Orthopedic treatments and Orthopedic surgical advancement. These institutes are on par with the best centers in the world. With a unique combination of Quality healthcare at affordable Price, the country has successfully captured the attention of Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, and South Africa.

Distinguished Treatments in the Field of Orthopedic

India houses some of the top orthopedic hospitals in India that offers the latest techniques by incorporating cutting edge technology in terms of pieces of equipment, operating rooms, recovery areas, and advanced Physical therapy facilities. These hospitals perform high-end surgeries such as Ligament Tear Surgery, and other bone and joint replacement surgeries. From hip resurfacing to knee replacement surgery, these hospitals perform primary, complex primary & Revision replacements in large numbers with excellent outcomes.

1. Key surgeries & Procedures

For years, India has gained immense popularity in key surgeries that are being performed by the most Orthopedic Surgeons trained at the top centers worldwide. The hospitals have dedicated & well equipped orthopedic surgery complexes with laminar flows and other modern equipment like an operating microscope, image intensifier, top of the line arthroscopy system, etc.

  • Hip Arthroscopy

The demand for Hip Arthroscopy has been fuelled significantly over the past years due to hugely improved technique and a better understanding of the Arthroscopy anatomy of the hip joint. Previously, the surgery was only treatable by open procedures. However, the combination of minimally invasive procedure and a short rehabilitation period have made it one of the most rapidly evolving arthroscopy techniques.

  • Hip Replacement

India has the distinction of pioneering Hip Replacement Surgery, to be more specific, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure with a success rate of 99%. The procedure has attracted relatively young patients suffering from secondary arthritis and eventually proved to be a breakthrough medical technique. Not just for the cost factor, but also for the expertise that invites thousands of medical tourists from across the globe with little bone loss and almost unrestricted movements.

  • Knee Replacement

Leverage advanced treatment for knee replacement such as arthritis that can severely impact the knee and hamper routine activities. Some of the common treatments include Total knee replacement, Partial knee replacement, Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery, High Tibial Osteotomy, The ideal Knee, and Total knee replacement using Patient-specific zigs.

  • Bone Tumour

Tumors of the bone can be either benign or malignant where malignant is the most challenging to treat. Malignant tumors could be either primary tumor of the bone or secondary deposits from tumors and the most common bone tumors encountered so far are Ewing’s Sarcoma, Osteosarcomas, etc. So, when a person has cancer of the bone, surgery becomes an integral part of the treatment. The surgery may end up with disability and disfigurement. To defy the social stigma and to overcome the functional, psychological and other social problems associated with amputation, the concept of limb salvage evolved. Ortho hospitals undertake the surgery with Bone resection, Reconstruction and Plastic Surgery. These hospitals specialize in the management of bone tumor where they work on the ultimate goal of cancer being treated without major disability.

  • Shoulder Surgery

Get advanced treatment for various shoulder disorders with some of the best Ortho Hospitals in India that houses a dedicated Shoulder Surgery Unit. Some of the shoulder surgeries include Total/Partial Shoulder Replacement, Shoulder resurfacing, shoulder impingement by incorporating the best innovation in the form of the prosthesis and other pieces of equipment.

2. Most Qualified team

Looking for Ligament Tear Surgery? There are highly qualified and experienced Orthopedic specialists that work with patients to diagnose and provide some of the best treatment options, for instance, knee injuries inclusive of MCL or ACL Ligament tears are all performed with greater precision and expertise. The efforts of qualified and experienced medical practitioners can make you sit back, relax and be assured of complete healing.

3. Tracking Outcomes

India is known to offer high-quality and evidence-based care with a significant success rate. Some top-notch hospitals proactively look at processes to improve safety and quality care. Quality is measured with various parameters. For instance, there are process indicators which focus on timeline and baseline practices while outcome indicators focus on mortality rates, complication rates, and infection rates. However, there are other attributes for a quick check for quality i.e. hospitals accredited by the joint commission or a national accredited body, considerable experience and success with your condition, keep a close eye and works to improve its own quality of care, tracks patients outcomes, uses quality control indicators, infection control policy and other stringent protocols.

4. Bone & Joint Health

India is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers the best healthcare facilities at the most competitive quote. You can take benefit of comprehensive state-of-the-facility that caters to the entire spectrum of care ranging from prevention to rehabilitation. These hospitals offer the entire range of orthopedic conditions to get back to the normal condition at the shortest time.
Joint health which happened to be the major contributor to the disease burden worldwide is gradually impacting the socio-economic fabric of the country. Some top-notch hospitals have launched a special program to provide aid to those suffering from joint injuries and degenerative joint disorders.

The Verdict

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