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Everyone is sensitive about their bodies and looks. Often you may feel to change the shape of your teeth, the way you smile, restore white color on yellow and wonky teeth as well as replace a missing tooth. Thanks to dental cosmetic surgery, all this is possible by easily locating a dental hospital of your choice and making consultations.

There is no need to have oral problems that lower your confidence, instead, undergo a dental procedure and have a look you always wanted.

In this blog I am listing everything you wanted to know about Dental Cosmetic Surgery and Treatment. As a bonus i am listing a cost comparison table which will help you in getting affordable dental treatment from countries like India.

What is Dental Cosmetic Treatment?

Dental cosmetic surgery is a form of dental treatment that focuses on enhancing someone’s smile, correcting discolored, chipped, unevenly spaced, or cracked teeth.

It is a professional oral care that aims at improving the teeth, smile and mouth appearance. In most cases, cosmetic dentistry procedures are elective rather than essential. More so, the treatment provides restorative benefits especially if an accident had occurred leading to dental deformity. Often it involves simple procedures and a few complex ones that need specialized care.

Different Types of Dental Treatments

There are numerous types of dental cosmetic treatment a patient can undergo to enhance their dental appearance.

They include:

Dental Implants treatment

Dental implants are tooth replacement for lost teeth due to dental issues, extractions, or accidents. An oral specialist makes them by placing a small piece of titanium screw in the jaw that the missing tooth used to be.

The screw is meant to bond with the bone and also offer support for a crown. When the crown is placed on the screw the implants fit perfectly matching with other natural teeth. In most cases, placement of implants is permanent.

This is because of the supporting tissue and jawbone fuse to the implant. In the screw placement period, one has to observe dental hygiene so that plague does not accumulate on the implant. Precisely, dental implants provide a perfect replacement for a missing tooth.

Dental Braces

Not everyone is born with perfect teeth. At times, one may have crooked teeth but that does not mean it is not possible to align them. Dentist use braces to perfect and line up teeth. There are different types of dental braces. One of them is traditional braces that have been in use for many years.

There are made of, metal or stainless steel and are used to correct the teeth position in the mouth. We also have ceramic braces made from a transparent ceramic material, which is less visible in the mouth and hence preferred adults. Lastly, there are Damon braces that are quite popular since they provide a gentler treatment and are easy to keep and clean.

Dental Surgery

At times, the oral condition may require a more complex procedure apart from a one-day visit to the dentist. The complex oral procedure involves a dental surgery. Different dental surgeries and are conducted according to the problems or desires of the patient. They include the following:

Dental veneers:

They are made of thin shells of medical –grade ceramic that are usually attached to the front surface of the teeth so as to transform someone’s smile. They are constructed for specific patients and are made so as to resemble the appearance of natural dental enamel. They are a solution to numerous oral problems like cracked enamel, unsightly gaps between teeth and crooked teeth. The good thing is they provide a perfect natural match to the patient color and teeth shape.

Tooth cap and filings.

At times, the teeth may decay due to a number of reasons leading to the formation of a cavity. Instead of extracting the tooth, the dentist may advise you to fill the cavity using various materials. In most cases, dental fillings are a solution to teeth with a small amount of damage.

Moreover, a tooth problem can be solved by placement of a dental cap above the gum line. After it is placed it becomes the new outer surface of the tooth. It is permanent, therefore, those who have it takes to care of like the other normal teeth.

The difference between crown and filing is that when placing a crown no material is extracted from the tooth, on the other hand, when filling the decayed material is extracted; the tooth is cleaned, and then filled.

A root canal is also a form of dental surgery.  It involves extraction of the tooth pulp which is a small thread-like tissue situated in the center of the tooth. The rest of the space is then filled, shaped and cleaned after removal of the damaged or dead pulp. The pulp is the central nervous system of the tooth it contains veins, nerves, lymph tissue and arteries. When tooth decay advances up to the pulp, the tooth is usually at a high risk of infection.

Moreover, the tooth is highly sensitive, and the patient is in extreme pain at this point. The procedure’s main aim is to seal off the tooth root canal and prevent the patient from experiencing further pain. The procedure has saved many people from teeth extraction, which is good because natural teeth are better than artificial ones.

A pulp damage that requires root canal is usually as a result of injury, cracked tooth, or presence of a deep cavity. If left untreated, the infected tooth can be quite dangerous since is painful and can damage the surrounding teeth that can result to the extraction of more than one tooth.

In conclusion, dental cosmetology treatment invention is a solution to numerous oral problems faced by different people across the globe. One doesn’t have to develop a low self-esteem because of teeth problems. Dental cosmetology involves a number of procedures like dental surgery, dental braces, and dental implants among others. At times, dental cosmetology can be optional so as to enhance one’s appearance and smile like dental veneers.

Other times, it can be the ultimate solution to an existing dental problem, which will relieve the patient; like dental implants and root canals. People should not suffer oral problems or have low self-esteem due to dental deformities; instead, they should consider dental cosmetic treatment.