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How much does a nose surgery or rhinoplasty cost in India?

That’s what one of my expat friends travelling to India asked me few days back. Now, i have never paid any attention to the out of shape nose, I have.

It is just a body part for me which is at the right place doing its job to perfection.

So, when someone asked me about the cost to get a nose surgery done in india – I was a taken by surprise.

Also, i am not someone who is concerned about his looks.

I think, it means a lot to the Millennials of today. The same millennials, who have to get a selfie clicked every 5 minutes. For a guy like me – selfie is still an alien world.

I called up few clinics and here i think is the average cost to get nose surgery or rhinoplasty treatment in India (in comparison to USA):

Average Cost of Nose Surgery (rhinoplasty in India)


Nose Job Procedures  United States India
Saddle Nose US$ 10,000 US$ 1,500
Hump Nose US$ 18,000 US$ 2,200
Alar Reduction US$ 14,000 US$ 1,200
Tip Plasty US$ 20,000 US$ 1,500
Nasal Implants US$ 15,000 US$ 2,000
Osteotomy US$ 25,000 US$ 2,000
Septal Deviation US$ 17,000 US$ 1,000


I got him the price to get a new nose on his face and that should have been it. Yet, I decided to learn more about the nose job and why on this holy earth, would someone need a nose job?

Why do you need a nose job?

Long ago, when we were less nosy and more mindful of our business – life was much simpler.

The definition of beauty and looking good was simple. You either looked good or you don’t.

And, if you didn’t look good – there was nothing you could do about it.

In any case, it didn’t even matter to anyone 😊 . People went around their jobs worrying less about looks and more about the work you did.

Fast forward today and you have a whole industry “fashion and beauty” running around looks. As a result, we are more concerned about looks.

We are in an era when we browse the images of beauty bloggers, models on Instagram from morning to evening.

And irrespective of how much we deny it, we want to look like them.

We are leaving no stone unturned to look a better version of themselves.

With the advancement of techniques in cosmetic surgery, every body part of ours can be modified to meet the demands of “looking good”.

From getting liposuction done to getting a breast job done, we are all modifying ourselves to reach that perfect stage.

And guess what, the latest methods in cosmetic surgery are playing a perfect role in giving us that “amazing look”.

I have always associated cosmetic surgery (to look good) with getting body parts like lips, eyes, face, tummy in shape.

It never occurred to me that a body part such as Nose – contributes immensely to us, looking our best until I read an article in a health mag.

You won’t believe, Jennifer Grey – the star from the movie, Dirty Dancing had a cosmetic surgery done on her nose.

You might think “what has a nose got to do with looking good?”

Aren’t parts like jaw, eyes, face structure a part of looking good.

That’s what I thought but here we are. Welcome to one of the fastest growing forms of cosmetic surgery where your nose is fixed to make you look “pretty”.


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What is Rhinoplasty?

Nose job or Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure performed on the nose to help correct a deformity on the nose. Thereby, helping you get your nose in “shape”.

Why do they call it Rhinoplasty?

I think it has got something to do with the protruding horn sticking out of the nose of a Rhino.

Someone probably thought of an idea to get a surgery done on the nose and the best they could think of was “Poor Rhino”.

Before PETA guys take offense to my humour, I will quickly move to the next section where I discuss what Rhinoplasty is capable of – in the world of cosmetic surgery.

In simple terms, the job of a nose job is to get your nose to complement your face style. i.e, it should make you look like that Greek god you see in movies (think of Zeus, Cronus or Atlas).

Rhinoplasty or nose job can help you in :

nose surgery help

  1. Getting your nose in shape (especially, the crooked nose): You hate your nose. You think it is crooked and is killing your confidence. Time to visit a Surgeon and explain the surgeon your issue. The surgeon in normal cases will adjust some part of your bone or tissue to get your nose in shape.
  2. Fixing the tip of your nose: You have a beautiful nose but the tip of your nose is too pointy or too round. You know all you need is a simple adjustment to make the nose complement your pretty face. Time to approach the surgeon. All it Takes is an adjustment of rotation of the tip of nose or reduction of few tissues to get that perfect nose tip.
  3. Fixing that extended nose: Some surgeons refer to this as the projection issue. If you have a nose which has a bad projection, you can have your surgeon trim it through a procedure when the projection is long and if the projection is less (the shallow nose), the surgeon will use a procedure to extend the nose.
  4. Reducing the width of the nose: Rhinoplasty procedure focused on reducing the width of the nose has helped a lot of people. Pyriform Aperture is adjusted in this procedure to reduce the width of the nose.

And then there are other problems/issues which are fixed by surgeons using rhinoplasty.

Apart from being a part of the cosmetic surgery industry, rhinoplasty has played an important role in helping people with medical conditions.

For instance, there are patients who find it hard to breathe through their nose.

Add to the above, patients who end up with dislocated nose during accidents.

It is common to see patients land in hospitals with dislocated nose after accidents. At times, the dislocation can be life-threatening.

A Rhinoplasty procedure can help save patients.

Can the nose job be done without a Surgery?

Most of us (including me) fear to go under the knife.

But there are procedures which you don’t have to go under the knife (non-surgical procedures) and the method to do them is by using injections.

While the solution is not cost effective, it is the perfect solution for those who hate surgeries.

The recovery through this procedure is fast (think of a Botox job) and the procedure can at times get over in 15 minutes.

Cost of Nose Plastic Surgery in India:

nose surgery cost

Today, India and Thailand have become renowned as the perfect medical tourism destinations in the world.

In particular, India has caught the fancy of medical tourists.

Whereas, other medical tourism destinations have facilities, none of them has a world class healthcare infrastructure like India and that too, at an affordable cost.

This is what has made India a suitable location for anyone looking for affordable healthcare.

For example, a Rhinoplasty surgery cost in India can be anywhere USD 500 to 1500. On the other hand, the same nose surgery can cost in between USD 5K to 6K in USA.

You get the point. India is affordable.

No one minds saving few bucks (Actually – it’s a lot of bucks not few bucks here). What makes the deal so lucrative is the availability of the best of treatment at such a low cost.

And that is what has made India a perfect destination for nose surgery procedures.

What Question should you ask before getting a nose job?

nose surgery questions

Rhinoplasty can be expensive. You should prepare yourself beforehand by asking the right questions to your surgeon before you decide to get the nose job done.

I know the internet is always there to help you. Still, it’s always good to have a list of questions of your own as too much research on the internet can be overwhelming. Also, doctors, these days are not known to take too kindly to too many questions coming from the internet than patients.

Here is a simple list to help you make an informed decision:

  1. How much will the procedure cost?
  2. What is the time duration I must spend in the hospital for the procedure?
  3. Are there any after effects of surgery I should know of?
  4. Can you please tell me (in layman language) what you will do to fix my nose?
  5. If I plan to go for a non-surgical nose job procedure, how different will it be from the surgical nose job procedure?
  6. How many visits am I expected to make after the procedure is done?
  7. What if my nose job does not go as expected (there are rare cases of procedures going south), will you charge me more or will this cost cover all expenses till my nose is set right?
  8. What are the chances of complications and type of complications in this procedure?
  9. Can you please show me some examples of nose surgeries you have performed like my case?
  10. Lastly, will the procedure be an open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty?

I am confident, one more question and the doctor will throw you out of his/her cabin 😊.

In the year 2016, Americans spent 1.1 Billion on Nose Reshaping which is more than the money they spent on cosmetic procedures like breast lift, facelift, eyelid surgery, etc.


You and I might be new to the world of Rhinoplasty, but it is one of those cosmetic procedures which has the maximum share of expenditures made by Americans in cosmetic surgery in the year 2016.

Is your nose in need of a nose job?

Time to go for Rhinoplasty!

Do you need an affordable nose job?

Time to Travel to India for a Rhinoplasty Treatment!