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Get effective and Budget-friendly Knee Replacement Treatment


Knee Replacement Surgery

India is the most advanced country which offers great options for quality Orthopaedic surgery at the
most affordable package. Knee Replacement which is one of the most demanded treatments among
the foreigners is the most affordable way to get functional knees without jeopardizing the quality of
treatments or the outcomes. Syzygy has tie-ups with some of the best Orthopedic Hospitals in India
using the most advanced technology for the precise placement of the implants. The Company
ensures to offer hassle-free arrangements for procedures, examinations, recovery and unforgettable
stay in India.


What is a Knee Replacement?

Total Knee replacement or arthroplasty is a surgical procedure which involves replacing a damaged
knee joint with a new artificial implant (prosthesis). The materials used to fabricate an artificial joint
are made up of metal i.e. cobalt chrome or Titanium which produces less friction and is more
optimal for joint function.

This surgical procedure is most commonly performed due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and
psoriatic. Each year more than 50,000,000 patients undergo Total Replacement Surgery in the most
developed world.

1. Who is the ideal candidate for Knee Replacement?

In case a person experiences daily pain that hinders the performance of daily activities of routine life
then he/she may be considered for a total knee replacement. Most people after the age of 50
undergo knee replacement but sometimes even a young person can be considered if their knee
condition is severely affected.

2. What to expect?

An Orthopedic Surgeon may either perform Open knee replacement with a large incision or
minimally invasive knee replacement with a smaller incision.
If you have decided on total knee replacement Surgery, ask your surgeon if you are an ideal
candidate for minimally invasive surgery which involves a faster recovery and less pain than Open
Knee Replacement.

3. What are the types of Knee Replacement?

There are five types of knee replacement:

    • Partial Knee Replacement

In Partial knee Replacement only one part of a damaged knee is replaced. It can replace either the
inside (medial) part, kneecap part of the knee or the outside (lateral) part.

    • Rotating Knee Replacement

The replacement is basically performed in order to remove the worn out or arthritic joint which can
be replaced with an artificial implant that is most commonly fabricated out of metal and plastic.

    • Gender Specific Knee Replacement

Gender Specific Knee Replacement is similar to a typical knee replacement surgery with a slight
difference in implant size. This helps in accommodating the different sized bones between the

    • Custom Knee Replacement

Prior to undergoing Surgery, the patient has an MRI of the knee where specifically designed cutting
guides are then crafted for the patient. This helps the surgeon to remove a precise amount of bone
at specific angles in order to accept the standard knee implant.

    • Oxinium Total Knee Replacement

Oxinium Total Knee Replacement is specifically performed on young men and women. Unlike
conventional knee implants that last only for 10 to 15 years, Oxinium Total Knee replacement offers
the durability of 30 to 35 years.

4. Benefits and Post Operative Care

The benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery are pain relief, & improved mobility that has an injured or
arthritic knee joint. Surgery helps patients to resume a normal lifestyle.
Rehabilitation begins immediately after the surgery which includes a machine to help moving leg in
the first few days after the surgery. However, the success of the replacement and recovery is
contingent on the patient’s underlying health and participation in the rehabilitation process.
Before leaving the hospital, a physical therapist will provide instructions which are supposed to be
completed while in the hospital and home. It is recommended to follow the instructions for a
minimum of two months.

5. Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India

The Knee Replacement Cost in India is approximately $3076 to $5348 that makes the knee
replacement in India quite affordable as compared to western countries. For a single knee
replacement, the cost lies between $6,153 and $9,230 while bilateral knee replacement surgery
costs around $6,923 to $10,000.

The Total knee replacement surgery cost in India depends on other factors like Choice of the
hospital, Doctor’s expertise, Type of implants used, tests & Diagnostics and Accommodation.
6. How does Syzygy help to offer Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India?

Syzygy is the most trusted name offering Best Medical Tourism Service in India. The Company is a
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