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Liposuction Surgery is an invasive (yet minimally scarring) surgical procedure that enhances body shape by eliminating fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. It’s one of the most common procedures which is frequently performed around the world.

If you’re thinking liposuction, you probably have a lot of questions. We’ve tapped into the expertise of doctors on our site to bring you answers to the most commonly asked questions about liposuction.


Q: Is liposuction surgery painful?

A: Liposuction Surgery is an invasive medical procedure hence painful but it is never carried out without local anesthesia, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. And the amount of pain is directly proportional to the amount of fat removed.


Q: Is liposuction good?

A: It is more a cosmetic procedure than health-focused hence good for beauty conscious people.

Q: Can liposuction fat come back?

A: The fat removed with liposuction comes back only when the patient makes no lifestyle changes post-surgery.


Q: What to expect with liposuction?

A: Some realistic expectations from liposuction

  • The body gets a new shape with liposuction but it is more or less permanent depending upon lifestyle of a patient.
  • Only a certain amount fat that is approximately 5 liters or 10 pounds can be removed with liposuction at one go. It has little effect on obesity but it is good for cosmetically important areas.
  • Fat cells are permanently removed with Liposuction Surgery but new fat cells can be developed, if a patient gains weight post-surgery.
  • Cosmetic results achieved with liposuction remain visible for a long time even when the patient is gaining weight. The result will be pleasing, if not optimal after the patient puts on more weight than before surgery.

Q: After liposuction where does the fat go?

A: Fat is distributed in the body in proportion to volume of fat cells in different areas. The areas cleaned of fat cells with liposuction surgery would receive little fat in comparison to the areas where there are more fat cells.


Q: How painful is liposuction recovery?

A: The amount of recovery depends on the anesthesia used and aftercare of a patient. The pain persists after 2-4 days after surgery but starts receding with healing of soreness. The tenderness of liposuction remains bothersome for up to 4 weeks after which it starts subsiding but it takes a patient 4-8 weeks to feel comfortable.


Q: When is liposuction considered a necessity?

A: Liposuction becomes a necessity when you have plenty of stubborn fat that refused to go even after countless hours of exercises and months of dieting.


Q: Is liposuction unhealthy?

A: It is a cosmetic procedure with certain side effects. If the side effects can be controlled, it isn’t unhealthy.


Q: Can liposuction cause lymphedema?

A: Liposuction Surgery can cause edema when the extracellular space is filled with excessive fluid. But it is different from lymphedema. Also, the surgeons can take preventive measures to prevent post liposuction edema.


Q: Is liposuction done under general anesthesia?

A: Liposuction is performed with anesthesia that could be a local anesthesia, general anesthesia or an intravenous sedation.


Q: Which is better liposuction or coolsculpting?

A: While the objective of both the liposuction and coolsculpting is similar, their procedures and benefits are different. Liposuction is good for removing fat from a large area and coolsulpting for removing small fatty deposits. A surgeon is the best person to give an opinion on liposuction and coolsculpting.


Q: Will liposuction flatten my stomach?

A: Liposuction will only remove excess fat from your stomach but it is difficult to say that it will flatten your stomach.


Q: What to expect after liposuction of the abdomen?

A: There will be swelling in the treated area of the abdomen for up to four weeks. You will be provided a compression garment to wear for 4-6 weeks to minimize swelling and control pain.


Q: Is liposuction a permanent solution?

A: Liposuction can give permanent results when coupled with lifestyle changes. The patients have to take care of their diet so that they don’t get fat again.


Q: Can liposuction remove love handles?

A: Liposuction results for love handles are excellent but much depends on the knowledge and experience of the surgeon. A plastic surgeon with the credit of hundreds of liposuction surgeries is an ideal surgeon for removing love handles.