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Why India?



From ages India is known for its health care system, this includes legendary Ayurveda and Yoga which are the oldest healthcare system in the world and combines the profound thought of medicine & philosophy.



“To other countries, I may go as tourist, but to India, I come as pilgrim “

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cost of Medical Procedures in India and Medical Tourism in India Cost Comparison

Procedures US ($) Costa Rica ($) India ($) Korea ($) Mexico ($) Thailand ($) Malaysia ($)
Heart Bypass $144,000 $25,000 $5,200 $28,900 $27,000 $15,121 $11,430
Angioplasty $57,000 $13,000 $3,300 $15,200 $12,500 $3,788 $5,430
Heart Valve Replacement $170,000 $30,000 $5,500 $43,500 $18,000 $21,212 $10,580
Hip Replacement $50,000 $12,500 $7,000 $14,120 $13,000 $7,879 $7,500
Hip Resurfacing $50,000 $12,500 $7,000 $15,600 $15,000 $15,152 $12,350
Knee Replacement $50,000 $11,500 $6,200 $19,800 $12,000 $12,297 $7,000
Spinal Fusion $100,000 $11,500 $6,500 $15,400 $12,000 $9,091 $6,000
Dental Implant $2,800 $900 $1,000 $4,200 $1,800 $3,636 $345
Lap Band $30,000 $8,500 $3,000 N/A $6,500 $11,515 N/A
Breast Implants $10,000 $3,800 $3,500 $12,500 $3,500 $2,727 N/A
Rhinoplasty $8,000 $4,500 $4,000 $5,000 $3,500 $3,901 $1,293
Face Lift $15,000 $6,000 $4,000 $15,300 $4,900 $3,697 $3,440
Hysterectomy $15,000 $5,700 $2,500 $11,000 $5,800 $2,727 $5,250
Gastric Sleeve $28,700 $10,500 $5,000 N/A $9,995 $13,636 N/A
Gastric Bypass $32,972 $12,500 $5,000 N/A $10,950 $16,667 $9,450
Liposuction $9,000 $3,900 $2,800 N/A $2,800 $2,303 $2,299
Tummy Tuck $9,750 $5,300 $3,000 N/A $4,025 $5,000 N/A
Lasik (both eyes) $4,400 $1,800 $500 $6,000 $1,995 $1,818 $477
Cornea (both eyes) N/A $4,200 N/A $7,000 N/A $1,800 N/A
Retina N/A $4,500 $850 $10,200 $3,500 $4,242 $3,000
IVF Treatment N/A $2,800 $3,250 $2,180 $3,950 $9,091


As evident in the table above, the cost of medical procedures in India is competitive in comparison to other medical tourism destinations across the world and it is not just the competitive cost offered by India for medical tourism in comparison to other countries, India offers much more.

India emerges as a top-notch destination for medical value travel because it scores high over a range of factors that determines the overall quality of care. Imagine a complex surgical procedure being done in a world-class global hospital by acclaimed medical specialists. From the quality of therapy, range of procedural and treatment options, infrastructure and skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure with zero waiting time, the list of benefits of traveling for Medical Treatment in India for Foreigners are many.

At the same time, from ages India is known for its health care system, this includes legendary Ayurveda and Yoga which are the oldest healthcare system in the world and combines the profound thought of medicine & philosophy.

India has been known to offer excellent hospitality and unforgettable vacation to tourists for the world over.

The best of the medical facilities can be made available to suit various budget requirements & expectations.

Why India for Medical Tourism? The basics for successful healthcare solutions:

Excellent Quality and care: The top-notch healthcare system in India is as good as the best in the world. India has a 30 of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals and compares well with other countries in Asia. These set of approved hospitals in India can provide care at par or above global standards.

India maintains not only a robust accreditation system but also a large number of accredited facilities (about 425 such facilities are NABH Hospitals, International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) has accredited “Standards for Hospitals” developed by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH, India). The approval of ISQua authenticates that NABH standards are in consonance with the global benchmarks set by ISQua.).

Top of the line medical and diagnostic equipment: Cutting edge technology to support medical diagnostics and medical procedures are employed by specialists in medical facilities. All recognized hospitals have invested a lot in supportive technology and operative techniques. Complicated heart surgeries, cancer care and surgeries, neuro and even general surgeries require high-end technology to recurrence of better outcomes, minimize complications, enable faster recovery and reduce the length of hospital stay.

The recent advancements in robotic surgeries, radiation surgery or radiotherapies with cyberknife stereotactic options, IMRT / IGRT, transplant support systems, advanced neuro and spinal options are all available in India.

India’s medical management and acclaimed specialists are quite comfortable in challenging themselves to new frontiers to provide solutions, always building on their expertise.

Highly Experience & Accredited Doctors: Indian medical professionals have achieved world-class status and practice using many of the most advanced techniques in a network of privately run hospitals and associated medical institutes in India.

Quality of affordability:

Healthcare Tourism facilities in India are among the most cost-effective in the world with private hospitals offering treatment at a fraction of the price of those in more affluent nations. The benefit is unimaginable when it comes to major treatments such as for leukemia where the difference in cost is 10 to 20 times. For other treatments, it could be anything from a fifth to a tenth when compared to Western countries and 80 to 90 percent of what is charged in other South Asian medical destinations.

 Zero waiting time:

Waiting time in Indian Hospitals is zero, be it heart surgery, kidney care, cancer treatment, neuro-spinal procedure, knee/hip/joint replacements, dental, cosmetic surgeries, weight loss surgery etc.

Unlike western countries where you have to wait for 3-6 months or more for surgery which may worsen the problem.

Personalized care:

For greater understanding between patients and healthcare personnel, the warmth and hospitality of Indian hospitals is a big factor in choosing India Healthcare Tourism. Among the top medical destinations of the world, India has the highest percentage of English language speaking people. Amidst the variety of culture and traditions, if there is one thing that is common in India, that is the English language. If other language options are essential, there are expert interpreters who will be arranged by the hospitals. All leading to reassuring hospitality and great aftercare.


Indians are proud that their national character that has won them a well-deserved reputation for their compassion and warm hospitality. The country’s code of conduct अतिथिदेवोभव; (The guest is equivalent to God) makes the Patient so much at ease that they feel almost like a guest on holiday from the moment they arrive at the hospital. The level of service excellence is virtually unprecedented in the world and many patients and visitors are pleasantly surprised to find hospitals in India with excellent restaurants, coffee shops and personalized room service not experienced anywhere else in the world. The hospitals themselves offer facilities found usually only in 5-star hotels, and patients from anywhere in the world can enjoy immaculate private rooms, translation services, room service including Halal prepared cuisine and access to prayer facilities of their chosen faith.

Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy

As a five-thousand-year-old practice with its roots in the tradition-bound horizon of India, Ayurveda upholds a holistic system of cure on the principles of physiological balance and detoxification. With its naturopathic mode of treatment involving little or no side effects even in the instances of acutely serious ailments, Ayurveda has assumed significant preponderance in modern times with people from across the world seeking to come under its protective domain.

India is a perfect Medical Tourism destination because of the cost effective medical procedures offered in the country which is competitive in comparison to other medical tourism destinations and quality healthcare.

Undoubtedly., India offers quality healthcare at an affordable price and this is a reason, why it is a preferred medical tourism destination for patients all across the globe.