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Top 5 Countries that rule the Medical Tourism


Undeniably, Medical Tourism is one of the buzzwords in today’s travel industry. It has gained enormous popularity in the last 10-15 years as a way to offer luxury healthcare to people traveling to another country. Not only a way to cure health problems but encouraging future savings by providing affordable medical treatments with attractive foreign trips. Some developing countries have invested a significant resource to attract people from Iraq, Iran, South Africa, and Bangladesh to visit these places for some amazing treatments. However, the credit goes to the rising number of Medical Facilitators who provide pocket-friendly treatment packages in order to ensure a comfortable stay of the patient as well as an accompanying person.

These countries adhere to the ethical government policies, best-quality treatment at the lowest prices, world-class diagnostic tools and cutting-edge technologies which encourage a fair number of people to visit the following countries for a number of high-end surgeries. Some of the most popular treatments are the hip replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Spine Surgery, Heart Surgery, laser surgery and a wide range of therapeutic treatments.


Malaysia was awarded the title of “ Health and Medical Tourism: Destination of the Year” by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) for two consecutive years 2015 and 2016. The country has been recognized in terms of accessibility, affordability, and quality medical service. Major contributors that have driven medical tourism in Malaysia are world-class medical facilities along with alluring destinations. These benefits have attracted visitors from the United States and the United Kingdom to get advanced medical service. Moreover, the country is officially multilingual that helps visitors across the globe to communicate at ease in English, Tamil, Mandarin, Hindi, and Malayalam. The country houses over 70 private healthcare institutions dedicated to deliver the quality cross-border experience.


Indian Medical Tourism offers a unique blend of State-of-the-art facilities, competency, English-Speaking medical Professionals, cost-effectiveness and other spectacular destinations. The cost differential is quite vivid: total knee replacement costs upto $49500 in the US and £12,832 in the UK. In India, the best hospitals perform it at the cost of $3,076 to $5,348. Medical tourists usually get an amazing package deal that includes, hotels, treatments, and often a post-operative vacation. These services are arranged by Medical Tourism Facilitators in India who are committed to assist patients with Medical Treatment Services, Visa Assistance, Family & Patient Assistance, and Ground & Air Transport. These Medical Tourism Facilitators provide interpreters and translators to bridge the language gap. Also, the country is famous for health restorative treatments of a combination of Yoga, Ayurveda, acupuncture, natural therapies, and some other ancient Indian healthcare methods. These benefits encourage visitors from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South Africa to get the best treatment at the cost like never before.


The country witnesses uninterrupted arrival of international patients across the globe. Due to its relative proximity to Australia, nearly a fifth of all arrivals are Aussies but Americans make up the largest group. The country offers an abundant supply of advanced facilities and most of them are heavily weighted in favor of females for instance breast Augmentation which has gained popularity. Other includes Gender Reassignment and also hair Transplant that have captured the attention of International visitors.


Taiwan has gained momentum in medical Tourism in recent years. With advances in the treatment of Oncology, cardiology and orthopedic conditions, Taiwan is on the verge of becoming one of the best Medical Tourism destinations in Asia. The country boasts the advanced Kidney transplant which attracts the maximum visitors from USA & UK. Patients more likely save 40% to 55% in healthcare cost in Taiwan as compared to the cost of similar Services in the United Kingdom and the United States.

South Korea

Even since the 2000s, South Korea has taken an aggressive yet organized approach to medical tourism. The Country with massive government backing and support offers cheap and extremely efficient medical service. Most of the hospitals belong to the private sector and staffed by doctors with international qualification. Medical Tourists tend to come from Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and the USA to get benefitted with cosmetic surgery with hundreds of clinics. Moreover, the country offers cancer treatment, eye care, and medical check-ups. Each year South Korea spends $1 billion a year in order to attract medical tourists across the globe.

The Verdict
Most of the developing countries see the optimum use of world-class modern techniques and equipment in the field of medicine. Thus, these are the most popular countries to get the benefit of high-quality medical treatment along with picturesque landscapes for an excellent holiday. These services have brought a new definition of vacationing the aforesaid countries.

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