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Gone are the days when Asia was solely recognized for its ancient history, sandy beaches, and award-winning restaurants. Over the years the introduction of smart hospitals and developments in the home-care segments and medical tourism has added other dimensions to Asia.

Not so long ago, some of the countries in APAC were unexplored which were at its best to cater boundless opportunities for healthcare vendors. But in recent years, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and digital health vendors have capitalized on the market by understanding the market trends unique to each of these countries.

Eventually, there has been an equivalent rise in the demand of technology, innovative healthcare programs as well as medical devices based on advanced technology. Some of the conventional growth drivers, for instance, supportive government regulations and policies have augmented the APAC healthcare industry which led to amazing furtherance in Medical Tourism.


According to Deccan Herald, Indian Medical Tourism is growing at 18% CAGR and is expected to be worth around 9 billion by the end of 2020. The country is recognized to offer a complete bouquet of healthcare services which include highly skilled medical professionals, advanced hospital infrastructure, personalized care, and faster adoption of recent medical technology that have successfully captivated the attention of foreign patients. From quality treatment to competitive pricing, India satisfies every possible need of a patient which makes it an ideal destination.
India also offers simplified Medical Visa norms, a good number of interpreters, certified and accredited wellness and Ayurvedic centers. Some of the best Medical Tourism Companies amplify the potential for medical tourism to thrive in the global market.


The country specializes in various aspects of health, wellness and medical Tourism encompassing from hospitals and beauty institutes to anti-aging experts. The growth of the medical tourism industry can be well-understood by the fact that the long-standing source in the pre-eminent markets is tapering off. Thailand which houses 66 JCI-accredited hospitals makes it one of the popular health and wellness tourism destinations ranging from prevention to cure. Recently the Royal Thai Government has approved 90-day visas for patients and medical visitors from the countries like Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Myanmar as well as the GCC. Hence, the graceful & attentive service and simplified Visa norms for Thailand enable a growing number of people crossing international borders for the purpose of attaining best medical services.


Australia, a part of the Oceania continent lies on separate tectonic plates of Asia. However, the country is an integral part of the Asia Pacific Region. Australia upholds high-quality standards and provides some of the high-end surgeries such as treatment of Stress Incontinence, Cystoscopy (Diagnostic) with GA, Female Infertility, Vaginal Prolapsed Surgery, etc. One can expect higher quality care, access to specialty treatment, access to excluded treatments, and reduced waiting periods while traveling to Australia.


Malaysia provides spectacular healthcare facilities with other countless reasons that make it one of the ideal destinations for medical tourism. The country offers quality, safety, standards and regulations which make it on par with the best medical treatment in the world where innovation and international expertise are key. Surrounded by some of the fabulous hotels and resorts, Malaysia is the perfect place to recuperate after treatment. One can find the most qualified and experienced healthcare providers who can speak fluent English. Multiculturalism combined with great hospitality, greatest attractions, cultural heritage, and quality private care in Malaysia makes the country out of the box.


Singapore is one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world which offers a unique combination of relatively low health care costs, highly skilled doctors, and state-of-the-art medical technology. Most of the medical tourists are attracted by the quality of healthcare in the comfort of a clean and English-speaking environment. They can expect a whole range of medical care from health screenings to high-end surgical procedures in specialties such as oncology, cardiology, neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Organ Transplants and Pediatrics. Tourists from the United States, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Africa, and other countries like to visit this environmentally friendly nation to leverage advanced integrated healthcare and hospitality complexes.


Taipei, capital of Taiwan is a bustling metropolis which is a myriad of industrial and commercial business. Apart from its rich history and distinctive culture, there are a plethora of medical services that the country offers. Taiwan is the first Asian country and fourth in the world to establish a national healthcare evaluation system. From preventive medicine, diagnosis, health screening to follow-up treatment of the world, Taiwan is known to provide holistic services at competitive prices just ⅕ of the U.S’s counterpart and ⅙ of the United Kingdom’s counterpart.
Some of the high-end surgeries like living donor liver transplantation, cardiovascular surgery, craniofacial reconstructive surgery, artificial reproduction, cardiovascular surgery, bariatric surgery, and implant make it a leader in the international medical community and brings more than ten thousand international patients to come to Taiwan.
Taipei also houses some of the heavenly attractions like the National Palace Museum, National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Xinbeitou Hot Springs, Lungshan Temples, etc. which are treat to the eyes of patients as well as travel companions.


Vietnam has strived to become a prospective market for medical tourists that have successfully attracted increasing inflows of foreign investment as well. The country has the added advantage of political stability which makes it one of the safest and secured traveling destinations for foreign tourists. According to Vietnamnet, Vietnam has attracted more than 80,000 foreign tourists in the year 2017. The medical tourists came for health checks and treatment and spent almost US$2 billion. There are institutions which are well-equipped to deal with a broad range of requests and specialty areas in Vietnam such as plastic surgery, executive health check-up, joint replacement, Lasik eye operations, and spinal surgery.
One can take benefit of hospitals with a contemporary structure and modern medical facilities. Like any other hotel-like amenities such as in-room high-speed internet, Internet Cafe, cable TV, and Spa make it worth visiting Vietnam for medical treatment.

The Verdict

From the past 10 years, countries in the Asia Pacific are riding the wave due to the world’s fastest-growing industries i.e. Medical Tourism. Some of the countries like Thailand and Singapore are expanding specializations while countries like India and South Korea are expanding facilities. These all together make APAC one of the best countries to visit for medical treatment.