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Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

India offers some of the advanced treatment with nationally and internationally recognized Institutes which are acknowledged for their excellence and innovation in order to solve some of the complicated Orthopedic problems. Syzygy has tie-ups with some of the best Orthopedic Hospitals that offer an International standard of care and quality equipped with the latest and most advanced medical technology. We assure to provide hassle-free arrangements for the purpose of examination, recovery, procedure, travel and unforgettable stay in India.

1. What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip Replacement Surgery is a procedure to remove a worn out or damaged hip joint with arthritis, injuries, bone tumour or fractures. Basically, the joint is replaced with an artificial joint which is often made out of metal and plastic components. The main purpose of the Hip Replacement Procedure is to increase mobility and relieving pain. It is usually performed when all other treatment options have failed to provide adequate pain relief.

2. What causes a person to need a hip replacement?

The pain in the hip is caused mainly due to rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, fractures and Aseptic Bone necrosis. In some cases, the pain can be cured by medication and rehabilitation but when it hinders the day-to-day activities then this is the condition when the person needs to opt for hip replacement Procedure.

3. Who is the ideal candidate for Hip Replacement?

You may need to consider hip replacement if the hip joint causes severe pain and interferes with daily activities. Your doctor will decide that you are a good candidate if:

1. The Hip joint damage is caused by Osteoarthritis, Osteonecrosis, Rheumatoid arthritis or bone tumor.
2. The hip joint damage is either caused by a fracture or injury.
3. Non-surgical means like exercise and anti-inflammatory medications have failed to provide adequate pain relief.
If you have decided on Surgery, ask if you are a good candidate for minimally invasive surgery since it causes faster recovery with less pain as compared to the open surgery.

4. What are the types of Hip Replacement?

There are two main types of Hip Replacement Procedure but the number of components and surgical components may vary.

  • Total Hip Replacement

In Total Hip Replacement Surgery, part of the thigh bone i.e. femur including the head of the femur is removed and a new artificial ball is fixed into the rest of the thigh bone. The replacement parts can be made out of plastic, metal or ceramic by using different combinations.

  • Metal-on-metal hip replacements

Unlike the conventional Hip Replacement procedure where the head of the thigh bone is removed and replaced with an artificial ball, a hollow metal cap is fitted over the head of the thigh bone.

5. Is Hip Replacement Surgery Safe?

Hip Replacement is a safe and effective procedure that can increase motion, relieve pain and help you to get back to the day-to-day activities. Risks associated with Hip Replacement surgery may include Blood clots but there are possible measures in order to prevent this complication.

6. What is the Recovery time for a hip replacement?

There are various factors that can contribute to recovery time, however, a patient can return to normal life activities within 2 to 6 months. Exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, body weight, and effective steps to prevent blood clots can determine long-term health and mobility.

7. What is the durability of the new Joint after Hip Replacement Surgery?

85% of the hip joint implants last for approximately 20 years, however, improvement in surgical techniques and artificial joint material improve the longevity of these implants.

8. Why should one choose India for Hip Replacement Surgery?

India has some of the best hospitals that boast expertise, equipment, and infrastructure that is equivalent to the best healthcare Service providers in the world. Hip Replacement Surgery in India is quite economically priced with an optimal combination of health and the pursuit of health.

9. Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India

The Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India ranges between $4615 and $12307 while there are other factors that cause variation in the Cost such as the type of hip replacement Surgery, the experience of the surgeon, infrastructure etc. The cost may be higher at the best hospitals as compared to other multi-specialty hospitals. But the aggregate cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India is much lower than in other developed countries.

10. How does Syzygy help to offer Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India?

Syzygy is the most trusted name that offers services of medical tourism facilitator, agent and Service. The company which is a part of Xyata Group has ensured its presence for over a decade as a high- quality healthcare service provider. Being a one-stop solution to all the medical tourism requirements, the company offers services more than a Treatment Facilitator such as End to End Travel Management, Currency & Forex Services, Boarding & Lodging, Native Language speakers, Food as per the choice and Arrangements for Relatives & family members travel.

Syzygy has tie-ups with some of the best Orthopedic Hospitals and Doctors having the state-of-the-art medical technology. Hence, you can simply count on us for professional services, reasonable prices, and strict confidentiality. Take the advantage of our unbeatable expertise, world-class doctors, and years of experience that help us to pioneer the field of Medical Tourism in India.

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