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Treatment & Services Offered:

Cosmetic Surgery

A medical discipline focused on the enhancement of beauty and appearance with the means of
surgical and medical techniques.

Cardiology Treatments

A medical discipline focused on heart disorders. These disorders are dealt with the diagnosis and
treatments of various kinds of heart disorders.

Neuro Surgery

Basically, a branch of surgery primary focused on diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disorders
that affect any part of the nervous system.

Orthopedic Treatment

Surgeries performed by medical specialists that are trained to deal with the problems developed in
the parts of bones, joints as well as ligament of the human body.

Other Specialty

  • Cosmetic Clinic
  • Wellness Center
  • Sugar
  • Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition
  • Hyperbolic Oxygen Therapy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pain Clinic
  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
  • Transfusion Medicine

Medical Treatments in India

From the past 8 to 10 years, Medical Tourism has been the focal point of a progressive India. India’s
growing prominence in medical Tourism has somewhat influenced a growing number of tourists,
compounded annually in search of superlative medical treatments. These treatments are provided
by skilled doctors who have made India a hub for medical Tourists. The primary reason is the low
cost of medical treatment while the presence of specialized professionals, advanced infrastructure
and highly sophisticated medical equipment encouraged it to become the first choice of Medical
Tourism. Syzygy maintains a comprehensive directory of medical Travel agencies and facilitators
specializing in Cosmetic Surgery, Cardiology Treatments, Orthopedic Treatments, and Neuro Surgery
at prices 60-70% lower than the Western Countries.

Syzygy coordinates with all the medical treatment and liaises with the relevant doctors in order to
offer personalized service. You are just a click away to get the benefits of arranging travel,
accommodation, rehabilitation, and aftercare tourism.

What makes India a Smarter Choice for healthcare?

Be the cosmetic Surgery, Knee replacement, Hip resurfacing, Kidney Transplant or treatment of
another major chronic disease- India remains the smart choice for foreigners. In India, the airfare,
accommodation, hospital stays, cost of surgeons, nurses and attendants-everything is available at
lesser cost without getting the quality of treatment compromised. Moreover, there are hospitals
that offer a wide spectrum of English-speaking healthcare professionals which help the foreigners to
track the progress. Other factors include:

  • Getting visas for Medical Purpose is much easier now.
  • Access to the immediate service is what captures the attention of foreign medical tourists.
  • Post retreatment recovery is also offered to the patients with some of the popular therapies
    like Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga.
  • India has a strong base of the most qualified and experienced doctors and nurses.
  • India offers the most alluring and awe-inspiring places to visit which makes it an
    unforgettable visit.
Treatment Cost Comparison
Procedures US ($) Costa Rica ($) India ($) Korea ($) Mexico ($) Thailand ($) Malaysia ($)
Heart Bypass $144,000 $25,000 $5,200 $28,900 $27,000 $15,121 $11,430
Angioplasty $57,000 $13,000 $3,300 $15,200 $12,500 $3,788 $5,430
Heart Valve Replacement $170,000 $30,000 $5,500 $43,500 $18,000 $21,212 $10,580
Hip Replacement $50,000 $12,500 $7,000 $14,120 $13,000 $7,879 $7,500
Hip Resurfacing $50,000 $12,500 $7,000 $15,600 $15,000 $15,152 $12,350
Knee Replacement $50,000 $11,500 $6,200 $19,800 $12,000 $12,297 $7,000
Spinal Fusion $100,000 $11,500 $6,500 $15,400 $12,000 $9,091 $6,000
Dental Implant $2,800 $900 $1,000 $4,200 $1,800 $3,636 $345
Lap Band $30,000 $8,500 $3,000 N/A $6,500 $11,515 N/A
Breast Implants $10,000 $3,800 $3,500 $12,500 $3,500 $2,727 N/A
Rhinoplasty $8,000 $4,500 $4,000 $5,000 $3,500 $3,901 $1,293
Face Lift $15,000 $6,000 $4,000 $15,300 $4,900 $3,697 $3,440
Hysterectomy $15,000 $5,700 $2,500 $11,000 $5,800 $2,727 $5,250
Gastric Sleeve $28,700 $10,500 $5,000 N/A $9,995 $13,636 N/A
Gastric Bypass $32,972 $12,500 $5,000 N/A $10,950 $16,667 $9,450
Liposuction $9,000 $3,900 $2,800 N/A $2,800 $2,303 $2,299
Tummy Tuck $9,750 $5,300 $3,000 N/A $4,025 $5,000 N/A
Lasik (both eyes) $4,400 $1,800 $500 $6,000 $1,995 $1,818 $477
Cornea (both eyes) N/A $4,200 N/A $7,000 N/A $1,800 N/A
Retina N/A $4,500 $850 $10,200 $3,500 $4,242 $3,000
IVF Treatment N/A $2,800 $3,250 $2,180 $3,950 $9,091 $3,819

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Patient Testimonials

I was beyond impressed with my experience with Syzygy India. My first contact was with Dr. Sanjeev Goswami and I have completely blown away with his kindness they offered to me and my family, A lot of doctors don’t realize how important it is to treat patients like Dr. Goswami and Syzygy India did.



It’s all been said in the other five star reviews.  Syzygy India and their staff are all I could have hoped for in a medical practitioner.  They have been my primary care physician and has provided the absolute best care, and I believe, best advice and treatment during every visit and for every issue.

Mark Robben


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