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The idea of Medical Tourism has proliferated over time. This is a concept where people travel to unfamiliar territory to get the best possible Medical treatment. To make it more specifically, people are now traveling to the developing nations in search of superior medical care. However, there are a number of significant drivers of Medical Tourism. Gone are the days, when the decisions were solely based on cost and state-of-the-art medical treatments. Now Health tourism has gradually extended its tentacles to encourage people to travel to other countries for preventive and rehabilitative care as well.

These requirements necessitate to meticulously arranging all the details of the medical trip. Now here steps in the role of a Medical Tourism Facilitator. Typically, they maintain the list of hospitals and doctors in several destinations along with information about the medical procedures. These companies are usually referred to as the “Medical Tourism Facilitator”. They map the requirements of the patients with the respective medical care providers.

Role of Medical Facilitators:
The main of a Medical Tourism Facilitator is to manage the flow of information and coordination of services between the patients and the service provider. In order to facilitate a smooth medical tourism facility, it can be divided into 5 excerpts:

Medical Treatment Services
The Medical Tourism Facilitator addresses before one starts from the home country on a medical trip to India. Depending upon the requirements and budget, the medical tourism journey to India is planned well in advance. Not just facilitating the medical trip but providing medical Tourism packages is the ultimate goal of Medical Tourism Facilitator. The Services include:

  • Treatment Advisory:

On behalf of the patient, facilitators will coordinate with the selected top surgeons in order to clear all the doubts. This will be arranged via telephone or email prior traveling. The patient can even expect video consultation with the surgeon in the comfort of home in order to make an informed decision.

  • Treatment Planning:

The Medical Tourism Facilitator is responsible to prepare a detailed itinerary which includes appointments for the surgery i.e. pre-operative, post-operative and accommodation during the stay. This gives a clear idea to the patient as well as travel companion about the progress.

  • Treatment Facilitation:

Medical Tourism Facilitator is responsible to book and arrange appointments with the selected Surgeon. They arrange the transfer for the patient and also appointments with the surgeon for follow-up consultations after the surgery. They will be responsible to coordinate with the subsequent schedule of appointments for the surgery, arranging for the transportation and accompanying for the key appointments. They will also take care of the errands and concierge services while on a medical treatment trip to India.

Family and Patient Assistance
Traveling overseas for treatment is certainly a difficult decision for any patient as well as for the travel companion. Lack of local knowledge, language problem and cultural difference can trigger a plethora of other challenges in a foreign land for the patients and relatives. Keeping this in mind, Medical Tourism Company allocates a dedicated case manager who gives guidance to every step of the way in order to maintain a complete peace of mind.

Visa Assistance
Medical Facilitators also helps the patients to understand the process and paperwork for Medical Visa as per the laws of the countries (home country and the country intending to visit for Medical Treatment). The companies have their own concierge staff that will help to prepare the documents as the request by consulates. They will solely take care of Medical Insurance & Legal Aspects, and Documents required for Medical Insurance Claim.

Ground and Air Transport
Medical Tourism Facilitator offers Flight booking (Optional) to the patient to and from the respective country.

Follow-Up Back Home
The role of Medical Tourism Facilitator does not end once the patient flies back home. Patients are encouraged to keep in touch with the Medical Tourism Company. The Patient can share their honest feedback and constructive criticism which shall help the company to improve the reach and hospitality standards.

These are the role of a Medical Tourism Facilitator which will help the patient to get an unforgettable experience. For more information, please visit Syzygy which takes pride to bestow the best service of Medical Tourism facilitator in India.