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From the last 10-15 years, India’s medical Tourism is getting huge attention from the people of Iraq and Iran. Many lured by affordable treatment, top-notch surgeons and nurses, state-of-the-art equipment and follow up care. But another reason is a crisis in Iraq which has encouraged them to travel to India as they seek knee replacement, Hip Replacement, treatment for spinal Injuries etc. It cannot be denied that war has virtually destroyed the healthcare sector in Iraq, hence patients prefer to travel to India to get the best possible treatment. While Iran has much better healthcare facilities than Iraq, however, those who need specialists still prefer to travel abroad. There are various Medical Travel Facilitators in India that take care of all the expectations, seeking the highest quality of medical treatment with complete transparency available at competitive prices.

Following are the 5 reasons which encourage people from Iraq and Iran to travel to India.

1. Wars forcing a change in approach to Medical Care:

Since Iraq’s protracted conflict have caused a region-wide health crisis, doctors and nurses are yet to adjust not only to treat terrible injuries but to a faster spread of disease. Moreover, the health-care system in Iraq has been the most centralized, curative as well as hospital-oriented model which has lacked the capacity to deliver services that address the major health problems like Cardiology, Neuro Surgery, oncology etc.

India is one of the best destinations to offer timely delivery of cost-effective, integrated and standardized health services tailored to meet the growing demands of the population from Iraq and Iraq, increasing exponentially.

2. Expensive Health Care

With rapidly growing economies linked to oil and tourism, the Middle East is also one of the viable options for people from Iraq and Iran where the countries have heavily invested in establishing world-class medical facilities, with high treatment standards for citizens a well as for people from outside. However, these treatments can only be afforded by the wealthy population.

The Cost of Medical procedures in India is competitive in comparison to Middle Eastern Countries along with some other benefits of superlative therapy, the range of procedural and treatment options, infrastructure and skilled manpower with zero waiting time. Moreover, native language speakers are also provided in order to extend their ailments to the doctor.

3. Easy Access to Indian Medical Visa

Not only people from Iraq and Iran but countries like South Africa and Bangladesh prefer flying down to India in order to get their medical needs attended. The Indian Government offers Medical Visas for citizens from other countries who would like to get treated in India. A medical Visa is issued for the patients seeking medical treatment from reputed or specialized institutes within the country. There are top-notch Medical Travel Facilitator in India who assist to make them understand the process and paperwork for Medical Visa and Treatment as per the laws of the home country and India.

4. The attraction of Incredible India

Ancient & Modern heritage, diversity of culture and exotic Destinations, India has been the first choice in order to attract International travelers. Medical travel that offers a unique combination of luxury, pleasure and quality healthcare have further enhanced the potential of tourism.

From the past couple of years, medical tourism has been the priority areas of facilitation by the government. Even the Union Government of India is promoting and developing the country as a Medical tourism hub. This can easily be gauged by the fact that presently four ministries are proactively involved i.e. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of AYUSH. The current Regulatory regime is working hard to provide timely issuance of medical visa and registration of medical facilitators & affordable cost of medical Visa. These are expected to offer seamless travel to India.

5. Follow Up care and Sustainability

Follow-up Visit in India is not very difficult considering the time needed to plan the journey and the subsequent flight costs. Few Prominent Hospitals have already started providing Tele-education and telemedicine facilities to allow one to receive lessons over an internet connection.

The Verdict

India has been recognized as a global leader in medical tourism ever since the 1990s. The country boasts highly qualified doctors and state-of-the-art infrastructure approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the US Food and Drug Administration.

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